Work side by side with me to make the world a better place!

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Would it be your dream job to work side by side with me to make the world a better place?

I am hiring a team to work with me!

Through this position you will help to give the tools and empowerment to thousands of people to grow their own food and create community resilience and food sovereignty. Through the Free Seed Project, Community Fruit Trees and Gardens for the People programs we are sending out 10,000 free seed packs, planting 250+ Community Fruit Trees and starting 20+ Gardens for the People. My goal is also to facilitate the rescuing and composting of one million pounds of food waste and the creation of 100 community seed libraries in 2021. Our focus is being of service to food insecure communities and people who would not otherwise be able to afford or access these resources.

Overall we want to help people to live more sustainably, connect with our Earth and live a higher quality of life. We will use the resources we have available to be of service in creating more equitable, just and regenerative systems. Our two main mediums are direct action (planting gardens and community fruit trees, rescuing wasted food to create compost, starting community initiatives, etc.) and reaching millions of people via story telling, social media and video production.

The central mission of this team will be living in service of others and Earth. Secondly, I have designed these roles to be an opportunity for growth and education for each team member. I will host weekly classes and educational sessions and will bring in educators to teach us. Also very importantly the purpose of this team is to create a community of people working together on a common mission who care for each other. There are about 10 of us living together in a home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

We are currently seeking a social media intern. See “Position 3: Changemaker Social Media Internship” If after reading the descriptions you feel that you would be a good match, feel free to apply, via the link at the bottom of this page. Please only apply if you would be truly dedicated to the position and if you think you would enjoy and benefit greatly from this work!

Although these positions can be done either side by side with Rob or from afar via the internet, we are currently prioritizing hiring for positions to work with Rob in person. For those in person, the position will be in St. Petersburg, Florida. Housing will be in a community setting with Rob and others on the team. Details will be shared with those selected for an interview.  If you are unable to relocate to work with Rob please still feel free to apply.

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Position 1: Agent for Change
This position has been filled. No longer accepting applications for this position.


Position 2: Changemaker Internship
The Changemaker Internship has numerous options from a very hands on gardening project approach to project management and project growth. Projects include Free Seed Project, Community Fruit Trees, Gardens for the People, Community Compost and new programs to be developed in 2021. The roles of this position can be selected by Rob and vary from week to week or a customized position can be created that utilizes your skills best. If you have a particular skill set you would like to use or a proposal please share this under the corresponding application question. This Internship can be primarily hands on work carrying out our projects; or a combination of hands on work and facilitation and expansion of the programs across the nation.

3 months with potential for longer term
40 hours/week
$100 weekly stipend
Lodging and food provided for in person position
Dates: Approximately January 11th to April 9th, 2021.


Position 3: Changemaker Social Media Internship

This role of this position would be primarily social media. Social media experience is required and story telling experience is desired. Those with less experience are welcome to apply. Learning and improving would be part of this position. Having your own equipment is not required.

2 months with potential of being hired for paid long term position. Ideally starting February 22nd
40 hours/week
$100 weekly stipend
Lodging and food provided. Relocation to work together in person is a must.
Dates: Approximately February 22nd to April 9th, 2021.


Position 4: Eco-Volunteer
The Eco-Volunteer position is a 3 week version of the Changemaker Internship with the options of a general position designed by Rob or a customized position to utilize the skill set you’d to bring to the table to be of service to Earth and humanity.

3 weeks with potential to continue into an 3 additional weeks or to a Changemaker Internship
25 hours/week
Lodging and food provided for in person position
Start date: Now accepting applications for January, February, March and April 2021


Do you live in the area and want to get involved for a day or a few days? We will be offering numerous volunteer opportunities. Select this option here for notification of volunteer opportunities.

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If this sounds like a dream position to you please feel free to apply here.

These position are funded by a collaboration with Live Like Ally Foundation.

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