In my 26th year I…

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In my 26th year I…

Officially changed my life title to Adventurer and founded Greenfield Adventures with the mission to entertain, educate, inspire, and give back through adventures and traveling. 

Continued to run my business, The Greenfield Group, with the intent of using it to do great things for the earth. A huge chunk of our profits are poured into grassroots environmental work. We are working constantly to use business as a means of creating a healthier earth for all of us to live on. 

Flew to Oregon for a long weekend adventure called “$108 and 108 Hours in Portland.” I wandered around the city being present with my surroundings and spent one day feeding homeless with a giant pot of vegetable stew I made at a friends house. 

Flew One way to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with no money, just the clothes on my back, and cell phone on a mission to live money-free and find my way back home through the desert. 1,360 miles of hitching, 11 rides, 54 hours on the road later I made it home. 

Became a resident of California (after already living in San Diego for 628 days). This was my first time being a resident of any other state than Wisconsin. 

Spent one month in Hawaii living simply, writing a book, and creating an amazing garden for a YMCA. “I’ve got the clothes on my back, and a small bag with my computer, cell, solar charger, a few small items, and $750 cash which has to last me the month, as I have no credit cards.” 

Cycled 4,700 miles across the USA over 104 days inspiring others to start living a happier, healthier life for themselves, their community, and the planet. The journey has been seen by millions of people around the country and world. It was featured on over 10 news stations, over 10 newspapers in the USA and Europe, and dozens of blogs, talk shows, and radio programs. I think I’ve passed on a little bit of inspiration to 100’s of thousands of people.

Because of the journey I know many people are living a more earth-friendly lifestyle. A documentary and a book about the journey are in the works. 

Have continued my personal transformation into a truly earth-friendly lifestyle. I have dedicated my life to creating a happier, healthier earth by leading by example. I’m amazed at where I was just a few years ago and where I am now.

Have changed my truest measure of success. “I measure my success by the positive environmental impacts that I have made and the number of lives that have been bettered by my time on earth.” I’ve thought this for a long time but it truly is my reason for living now.

Have become a leader in earth-friendly living and living beyond ourselves. I have done this by leading by example and living a sustainable life at home, teaching and inspiring others to do the same, and running creative campaigns to get people thinking and taking action.

Became an ambassador for 1% for the Planet and, in doing so, made a dream a reality. Through this network I am working to help businesses to start being a part of the solution rather than the problem.

And More….

Ran a spur of the moment 10k barefoot in New York and crushed it in 43 minutes! 

Road tripped to Northern California on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Evaded Christmas by taking a road trip to Mexico with my friends.

Ventured out onto Lake Superior on a Standup paddle board on my 26th birthday for 2 days of solitude. 

Threw my first benefits to raise money for non-profits.

Visited with friends all over the country and had visitors and friends from all over the country and world in my home.

Worked on many environmental projects at home including aquaponics, vermiculture, turning old hotel keycards into guitar picks, and free CFL bulb exchanges. My knowledge has grown vastly.

Became the freest and happiest man I have ever been!

This is only just the beginning, my friends. These are the highlights of one year of life on earth. Imagine what can be done in 5 years, a decade, or a lifetime. I invite you all to join me in living a life beyond yourself. Join me in living for our communities and the planet. In doing so, you will find yourself happier than you have ever been before!

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