I must give all of myself now or risk not having done enough

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I am entering an era of my life of nearly complete non-ownership. I do already live minimally and with few material possessions. The little I have is for the sake of function rather than of prestige or emotional attachment yet I yearn to develop further. I yearn to dedicate myself more to the betterment of humanity. I yearn to be there for the children who are not being cared for, for the elders who’ve been forgotten, for my fellow human who feels a lack of place or purpose, for the species that have been displaced by my races superiority complex and lack of care.

I struggle to have so much while others I have so little. There is such a gap in wealth- the rich with more than they can dream of squandering away and the unfortunate with often just enough to make it to the next month of bills. This is not for the sake of laziness; this is for the sake of greed in society, lack of compassion, and a general sense of insecurity creating a feeling that we need more. I don’t feel that I can lend both of my hands in bringing power to the powerless by living on the high side of inequality.

I am now transitioning further into this life of non-ownership that I have chosen. I will further dedicate myself to the causes that I believe in. I won’t be doing this from the comfort of my home though. I must be amongst the people, in the streets, in others homes, in the schools and community centers, and immersed in nature.

Next month I will be parting ways with my house. I am sad to be leaving my off the grid tiny house life, but I do not need my home as much as some others need a home. I will auction it off and 100% of the proceeds will be used to build tiny homes for the homeless. As I travel, people will take me in and lend me a hand. This is the teamwork we need in humanity to bring everyone up. We have everything we need as a race if we would only share. I will sell off most of my possessions with the intentions to keep just what I can fit on my bike or in my backpack. I have vowed to donate at least 90% of my financial earnings to nonprofits and at this point 100% of my proceeds from my upcoming TV show on Discovery and my new book, Dude Making a Difference, have been donated. I will continue to use my voice and the attention that I am given to support the work of grassroots organizations and individuals fighting to better our tomorrow.

I will travel my country and the world and bring a voice to the unheard. I will bring encouragement to those who are doing the good work. I will bring positive reinforcement to those I see who are serving others over themselves. And I will help others to grow their movements of goodness.

I wonder sometimes whether I control my actions or if there is actually a higher energy or force that is working through me. I don’t know and I don’t care too much. I know that a life in the service of others is a life that brings me great purpose and passion. I don’t know in what capacity or medium I’ll carry out this for the rest of my time on earth, but I do know that this life that I have is dedicated to others for as long as I shall live. And for now a semi-nomadic life of traveling to be in the service of others is how I see fit for me to give all that I can.

I will be immersed with others, seeing life from the perspective of their eyes. I will gain a greater understanding of why people do things the way they do. And in doing so, I will aim to grow my ability to help others. I will sleep in the homes of others, in communities, on organic farms, and camp out. Yes, I will often be dependent on the kindness of others. But that dependency will not be my weakness, rather it will be my strength because it will teach me and inspire me more to be there for others in need.

When there is so much suffering and so much destruction there is not time for me to give only half of myself. I must give all of myself now or risk not having done enough. Not having done enough for humankind, for the species we share the earth with, and for the earth as a whole.

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