Normalizing Breastfeeding by Breastfeeding in Public – Angel Coleman

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Angel Coleman is a breastfeeding advocate. She has breast fed all five of her children and is currently breastfeeding her nine month old. Angel unashamedly nurses in public because it’s NORMAL! She unashamedly nurses in public to encourage other mothers and educate on the benefits of breastmilk over formula. Nursing has grown to have a negative stigma in the United States as it was thought by many that nursing is a poor person’s way of feeding their child. Ever since the introduction of formula, misinformation surrounding breastfeeding grew and formula was seen as healthier and better for newborns. As a Black woman she wants other Black women to know that breastfeeding is awesome and not gross and it is normal and healthier way to feed your baby! Breastfeeding feeding should be the norm. Formula feeding should be the exception! 

Angel extends her services as a doula and educator to Cornerstone Pregnancy Services in Ohio to help lower-income mothers receive doula services and education and to also lower maternal and infant mortality in Lorain County, Ohio.

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