Bamboo Bike was STOLEN!

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I’m really excited that my BAMBOO BIKE WAS STOLEN! Let’s use community action to take this problem and turn it into something Good!

If the bike is returned to me, I will bike it across the United States doing good for others and inspiring others to Do Good too!

Please share this photo to help the bike get returned to me and to help start a Do Good revolution!

Keep your eyes open, San Diego!

More info:
It was stolen in Pacific Beach, San Diego on September 6th from in front of the Von’s grocery store on Garnet avenue. It’s a bamboo bike and is a one of a kind. You’ll know it when you see it! 

Please contact me with any information.

This summer I biked 4,700 miles Across the USA on this bamboo bike to inspire US Americans to start living a happier, healthier lifestyle. This bicycle is a tool for me to spread inspiration and knowledge to the masses and I’d like to continue using it to do so!

If returned, the Do Good bike ride will take place next spring since winter is coming.

Below are a couple more photos that were posted previously on this blog to help identify:

Rob Greenfield of Greenfield Adventures with bike

Bamboosero and Rob Greenfield

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