Day 5 of Change the World: Educate our Future

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Kids learn from their elders. We are their role models and they do as they see. Let’s lead by example! Today, we’ll be at a local elementary school spending time with the children. 

You voted on these 3 mini adventures on Facebook:
– Prepare a nutritious lunch for a classroom.
– Tell stories of our adventures and teach earth friendly living. 
– Work in the school garden.

As you voted, today we told stories of our adventures, taught earth-friendly living, and prepared a nutritious meal for students at a school here in Cabo San Jose, Mexico.

We purchased $20 in fruits and veggies and fed about 30 children. They helped prepare the food and we taught them about healthy eating, ethical food, and composting while we ate.

We told stories of our world travels and used our stories to teach how to live a life that is good for themselves, their communities, and the earth. We talked about food, water, energy, trash, recycling, doing good, corrupt corporations, and chemicals to name a few things. It was very interactive and the kids not only learned a lot, but taught us some about life in Mexico.

We purchased 20 reusable bags and the kids are so excited to start using them and stop using plastic bags, and we gave more students homework to come back and earn a reusable bag.

We gave the teacher $60 to buy seeds which will be planted in their school garden. 

It was a fun time for everyone involved and it was an exciting feeling knowing that some of the kids walked out of there feeling empowered. 

Here is something for you all at home who might want to help create positive change at your schools. Ten ways to add green to any school:

1. Help start a school garden.

2. Talk to the kitchen about providing healthy food choices.

3. Get vending machines off the school grounds.

4. Inspire students to ride their bikes to school.

5. Do workshops in the classrooms to teach your earth-friendly skill or knowledge.

6. Talk to your local non-profits and find out if they have a program that the students could benefit from.

7. Get teachers to start incorporating sustainability and earth friendly living into their lesson plans. Any class can teach students how to live green.

8. Contact the 1:1 Movement to implement the AWAY Campaign to reduce trash.

9. Lead by example. Be a role model.

10. Share your ideas here for other people to get excited about. 

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