Films for The People!

Since 2016 we have created over 200 videos that have been viewed over 250 million times!

Our videos spread the messages of initiatives, organizations, everyday people, and activists around the world working toward a more regenerative, equitable and just future for all. Since 2019 we have made it a central focus to feature Black, Indigenous and women-led initiatives.
What is important though is that people aren’t just watching the videos—they are watching and then taking action.

Here are a few examples of what our videos can do:
Our video on David Young, an urban farmer in New Orleans quickly went viral, reaching over 20 million views. Viewers donated over $10,000 to his nonprofit, multiple local news stations came out to his farm to tell his story, his inbox was flooded with people lining up to volunteer and his Facebook page grew by over 7,000% from 350 likes to over 27,000. This all happened in just a few weeks.

Debbra Arndt, the woman growing a garden to feed the elderly in her neighborhood, raised $4,500 through a fundraiser that we created for her and the Facebook page we made for her grew to over 7,000 followers from zero followers in the month after the video was released. Local news channels covered her work and she was recognized by the Missouri House of Representatives. Before we made the video, she told us that nobody listened to her. Now she’s gained respect and a larger voice in her mission to see the elderly taken care of!

Earth.Food.Love., the zero waste shop in the UK said, “We got overwhelmed with emails from all over the WORLD asking for help and advice to set up a zero waste shop of their own.” As a result, they created a guide to help others start zero waste shops in their community and it’s been used by many inspired people!

Brijette from San Diego Seed Company said, “We have gotten more seed orders from your video in this last week than the whole last year!”

​And those are just a few examples of many!
Here is a playlist of our recent videos, focusing on Black, Indigenous and women-led initiatives.


Our videos serve as accelerators to the people featured, bringing in funds, volunteers and media. We produce these videos as a nonprofit in service, never charging the subject. A financial contribution to our video production does much more than just make these videos, but rather multiplies the funds via the donations that are made to the people we feature. The videos also help them increase the reach of their own social media channels.

Our funds are used to pay filmmakers, editors, and a video production assistant.

Our videos are creative commons and we freely share them with other media outlets to spread these important messages to the best of our abilities. We also have the ability to create videos for the organizations we feature, helping them in another way to grow their mission. We do not monetize our videos and our YouTube and social media are ad-free. This is why we choose to work with funders that allow us to keep an independent voice so we don’t have to answer to any advertisers, politicians, or corporations.

Please make a contribution to our nonprofit if you’d like to see more short films like these made. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss a financial partnership or contribution. If you are a filmmaker or video editor who would like to volunteer with us to produce Films for The People, please contact us.

Regeneration, Equity and Justice is a 501c3 nonprofit.

Here are some of our favorite Films for The People: