Financial Statements

The following is the annual report for Regeneration, Equity and Justice and our work with our partner organization, Live Like Ally Foundation. Learn more about Regeneration, Equity and Justice here.


Live Like Ally Foundation is a partner nonprofit and fiscal sponsor for Regeneration, Equity and Justice. The partnership began in early 2018. You can learn about the partnership and projects here. Live Like Ally Foundation provides funding for these projects, some of which is donated to Regeneration, Equity and Justice, but most of which is carried out directly through Live Like Ally Foundation. They also serve as the equivalent of a fiscal sponsor and all funds donated to them are used for our community initiatives.

Live Like Ally Foundation contributed $42,000 to our Community Programming.

Note on expense categories: As a small, grassroots organization, the vast majority of our “payroll” is what allows us to directly carry out our programs. We rent a house where the team lives as part of a service exchange and this is the “occupancy” category.

We work diligently and effectively to use the funds we raise to help create a more equitable, just and regenerative world. In 2021 we:

Sent over 10,000 free seed packs to those who lack access to people who would not otherwise be able to access seeds, first-time gardeners, and people who grow food to share it with others who have low access to healthy home-grown food

Planted over 1,000 Community Fruit Trees  in public spaces for all to enjoy food growing freely and abundantly!

Built 10 Gardens for the People.

Started 10 Free Seed Libraries.

Featured dozens of initiatives, organizations, everyday people, and activists around the world working toward a more regenerative, equitable, and just future for all via our Films for Good Program. Since 2019 we have made it a central focus to feature Black, Indigenous, People of Color and women-led initiatives.

Financially supported and volunteered hundreds of hours with numerous grassroots initiatives and organizations.