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Find a Forager!

This is a database to help you to find a forager near you!

There are an incredible number of people who desire to connect with the land and learn how they can work with the plants in their region. There are already many online resources and books available to begin foraging but I believe the best way to begin foraging is by learning from a knowledgeable forager in your area. Many local foragers are out there, but they can be hard to find, especially for people who have just awakened to this possibility.

This site focuses on foragers in the United States and Canada but we will also add any foragers submitted to us worldwide.
If you are a forager and would like to be added to this database, please scroll to the bottom of this page for instructions. If you know of foragers who would like to be on this database please also submit them via the instructions.

Note: Forager’s listed in this database have not necessarily been verified or endorsed by
Discretion is required by you, the potential forager to decide who to go foraging with and to trust. This site is 100% free and non-monetized and is here solely to help others begin foraging.

We have added many foragers from Green Dean’s list and  Samuel Thayer’s list of foragers. A forager with a * is from Green Dean’s list and a forager with ** is from Samuel Thayer’s list.

We also recently discovered The Association of Foragers which lists over 100 foragers, primarily in Western Europe.

We also recently discovered Eat the Planet’s website that shares “local foraging tours, walks, groups and classes in your state” and “Foraging YouTubers and online classes by region.”

We are also working on a Beginner’s Guide to Foraging, packed with resources, which is in process here.

United States

(Organized alphabetically by state and then forager’s last name.)


Jesse Akozbek
Huntsville, Alabama, USA
Greater North Alabama area, Facebook Group, Instagram, YouTube Channel
North Alabama Foraging Club 

Darryl Patton*
Gadsden, Alabama, USA
South Carolina
The Southern Herbalist, Facebook, 256-547-2453


Laurie Constantino
Anchorage, Alaska, USA, Facebook Group


Arizona Mushroom Society*
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, Facebook

Peter Bigfoot / Revis Mountain School of Self-Reliance*
Roosevelt, Arizona, USA, Facebook Group, YouTube Channel
Classes, 928-257- 1544 

Desert Harvesters**
Tucson, Arizona, USA

Mark Lewis
Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Website, 480-268-3162

Joyce Latura*
Tumacacori, Arizona, USA

Mike Masek/ The Forager’s Path*
Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

Michael Morearty*
Glendale, Arizona, USA, 602-938-2275, 602-909-9629

Patty West*
Flagstaff, Arizona, USA, 928-607-3162


Charles GriffithMaster*
Ozark, Arkansas, USA


Bryan W. Bramlett
Berkeley, CA, USA

Pascal Baudar*
La Crescenta, California, USA
Arizona, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Oregon and abroad: Belgium, France, Facebook

Information on wild California plants

Earth Skills
Frazier Park, California, USA

Tim Corcoran
Mount Shasta, California, USA, Facebook Group
Classes, 530-938-1304

Kevin Feinstein*
Oakland, California, USA

Kyle Dall
Redding, California, USA, 530-722-8349

Headwaters Outdoor School*
Santa Cruz, California, USA
Classes, 831-423-3830

Ellen Kelley*
Santa Catalina Island, Avalon, California, USA
USC Wrigley Marine Science Center

Barbara Kolander*
Crestline, California, USA
Facebook Group, 909-337-1481

Christopher Nyerges**
Eagle Rock, California, USA, Facebook Group
Classes, 626-791-3217

Heather Pier*
Auburn, California, USA

Jim Robertson*
Santa Monica, California, USA, Facebook
Classes, 310-395-0943

Hank Shaw*
Sacramento, California, USA, Facebook Group, Instagram


Katrina Blair*
Durango, Colorado, USA, Facebook Group
Classes, 970-247-8395
Other resources

Diana Marie Dummer*
Evergreen, Colorado, USA, 303-679-8290

Lauren Bond Kovsky*
Boulder, Colorado, USA, 303-859-7174

Erica Marciniec/Davis**
Colorado, USA

Brigitte Mars*
Boulder, Colorado, USA, 303-442-4967

Colorado, USA, Facebook Group, Instagram, YouTube Channel

Dorje Root*
Crestone, Colorado, USA, 719-256-486

Farida Sharan*
Boulder, Colorado, USA, 888-593-6173


Connecticut Botanical Society**

Lorraine French*
Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Sam Schaperow*
Connecticut, USA

The Three Foragers, Robert, Karen and Gillian*
Norwich, Connecticut, USA Facebook Group

Return to Nature US

Delaware, USA


Green Deane*
Maitland, Florida, USA, Facebook Group, YouTube Channel
DVD set

Andy Firk*
Arcadia, Florida, USA 

Susan Marynowski*
Florida, USA

Emily Ruff*
Florida, USA

Maribou Thomas*
Florida, USA

Northeast Florida Foraging Group Facebook


Anne-Marie Bilella
Monroe, Georgia, USA, Facebook – BellaVistaFarm, Facebook – ForagerChick, Instagram, Youtube
Classes, 770-355-8562

Joyce Bisbee*
Calhoun, Georgia, USA

Delilah Ann Gill*
Blackshear Calhoun, Georgia, USA, 912-614-2750

Cara-Lee Langston
Clayton, Georgia, USA, Facebook Group, Instagram

Mary Meyer*
North Georgia, USA

Mo Turcotte*
Rising Fawn, Georgia, USA, 770-402-0007

Mark Warren*
Dahlonega, Georgia, USA
Classes, 706-864-5928


Nat Bletter, PhD.*
Hawaii, USA

Ed Fenzl*
Western Hawaii, USA

Sunny Savage*
Haiku, Hawaii, USA, 808-206-8882


Boise, Idaho, USA
Pacific Northwest, Facebook


Pat Armstrong*
Naperville, Illinois, USA, Facebook Group, Instagram

Nance Klehm*
Chicago, Illinois, USA

David Odd
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Nationally available, Facebook Group
Classes, 847-409-8623

Crystal Stevens / Flourish / Tend and Flourish School of Botanicals
Godfrey, Illinois, USA, GrowCreateInspire Instagram, Tend and Flourish Instagram


Josh Busbee
Martinsville, Indiana, USA
Central Indiana, YouTube Channel
Classes, 317-607-1337

Kristen Giesting
Batesville, Indiana, USA

Dustin McCreery
North Vernon/Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
YouTube Channel, 812-216-1735

Gregory E Monzel
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, Facebook Group

Creek Stewart*
Anderson, Indiana, USA


Andy Benson*
Iowa, USA
Facebook Group – Midwest Foragers

Mike Krebill*
Keokuk, Iowa, USA, 319-524-4576

Chelsea Ewen Rowcliffe*
Osage, Iowa, USA


Marqueta Graham
Kansas, USA
YouTube Channel

Prairie Wolf*
Randolph, Kansas, USA, 785-293-5310


Joe Bass*
Ervine, Kentucky, USA, 661-210-5792

Kentucky Forager
Kentucky, USA
Facebook Group

Cheng Liu
Berea, Kentucky, USA
Florida, Facebook Group, Instagram

The Hungry Forager
Louisville, Kentucky, USA, Facebook Group, Instagram


Emily and Daniel Mills
Shreveport, Louisiana, USA, Facebook, 318-658-0949

Dr. Charles Allen
Pitkin, Louisiana, USA, 337-328-2252
Classes and Books

Louisiana wild edibles, foraging & wild medicinal plants & mushrooms Facebook Group

Forage Louisiana Facebook


Josh Fecteau*
Kennebunkport, Maine, USA

Christen Gordon
Bangor and Central Maine, USA
New England, Eastern Canada

Arthur Haines*
Canton, Maine, USA,, 207-837-4920

Shawn Levesque*
Lewiston and Auburn, Maine, USA, 207-440-8257

David Spahr
Washington, Maine, USA
Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms of New England and Eastern Canada by David L. S
NortheastMushrooms : Northeast Mushrooms
Facebook | David Spahr, 207-215-2622



Bill Kaczor
Brentwood, Maryland, USA, Facebook Group, Youtube, 240-832-5435

Eric Joseph Lewis
Knoxville, Maryland, USA and Florida, USA, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

Dr. Fushcia-Ann Hoover
Maryland, USA, Instagram

Rick L. Hueston*
Baltimore, Maryland, USA



Russ Cohen*
Arlington, Massachusetts, USA
Classes, 781-646-7489

Blanche Cybele Derby*
Northamptom, Massachusetts, USA

Neftalí Durán
Massachusetts, USA, Instagram

Earthwork Programs**
Williamsburg, Massachusetts, USA

Ellen Evert Hopman*
Amherst, Massachussetts, USA, 413–323-4494

Iris Weaver*
Gloucester, Massachussetts, USA, 617-773-5809


Ryan Iacovacci & Amber Joy
Marquette, Michigan, Florida, USA, Facebook, Instagram, 517-896-3746

Clay Bowers
Northern Michigan, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Traverse City, Michigan, USA

Vanessa Shafer
Holly, Michigan, USA

Ellen Elliott Weatherbee*
Pinckney, Michigan, USA, 734-878-9178


Alan Bergo
Minnesota, USA, Facebook, Instagram

Matthew Alfs*
New Brighton, Minnesota, USA
, Facebook
Classes, 651-484-0487

Stephanie Williams*
White Earth, Minnesota, USA
Member of the White Earth Nation


Joseph Hosey
Laurel, Mississippi, USA
Facebook, Instagram


Rachael West
Springfield, Missouri, USA, Facebook

Bo Brown*
Rogersville, Missouri, USA
First Earth Wilderness School,
Facebook, 417-840-1615

Missouri Plants**


Jacob Zimmerer
Bozeman, Montana, USA
Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Thomas Elpel*
Pony, Montana, USA, Facebook
Book 1, Book-02


Paul and Nicole Saville
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, Facebook

Rick Hamilton
Nebraska, USA

Omaha Area Foraging Facebook Group


John J. Slattery
Southwest Region of USA

New Hampshire

Karen Lynn*
Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

New Jersey

Robin Rose Bennett*
Hewitt, New Jersey, USA, 973-728-5878

Dan Farella (Dan De Lion)*
New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, USA, Facebook, Youtube

Debbie Naha*
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, USA
Book on Foraging, 908-456-1681

Tama Matsuoka Wong
New Jersey, USA, Facebook, Instagram

                                                                  New Mexico

Gina Rae La Cerva
New Mexico, USA, Instagram

John Duncan*
Taos, New Mexico, USA

Kiva Rose Hardin*
Reserve, New Mexico, USA,

Ellen Zachos**
Santa Fe, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, New York USA, Facebook

New York

Dr. Ava Chin
Ava Chin
New York, USA, 718-982-3672

Billie Alexandria
New York, USA

‘Wildman’ Steve Brill*
New Rochelle, Mamaroneck, New York, USA, 914-835-2153

Elodie Eid
Catskill Mountains, New York, USA

Hawk Circle**
Cherry Valley, New York, USA

Leda Meredith*
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Annabel Roberts-McMichael
Finger Lakes and Hudson Valley, New York, USA
Instagram, 609-558-7108

Suburban Foragers**
Rock County, New York, USA
Northern New Jersey

Sue Ulrich*
Boonville, New York, USA, 315-942-2309

Marie Viljoen*
Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Nathaniel Whitmore
Glen Spey, New York, USA
New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Facebook, 845-418-6257

Tusha Yakovleva
Hudson Valley, New York, Crestone, Colorado USA

North Carolina

Abby Artemisia
Asheville, North Carolina, USA, Facebook, Youtube

Bryan W. Bramlett
Asheville, NC, USA
Class Listings:

Natalie Bogwalker
Asheville, North Carolina, USA, Facebook
Other resources

Kim Calhoun*
Chatham County, North Carolina, USA

Earth School**
Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Doug Elliott*
Union Mills, North Carolina, USA, 828-287-2960

Will Endres*
Hillsborough, North Carolina, USA

Sarah Haggerty*
Durham, North Carolina, USA

Ila Hatter*
Whittier, North Carolina, USA, Facebook
Classes, 828-488-4111

Trish McKinney
Reidsville, North Carolina, USA, 336-482-5669

Alan Muskat*
North Carolina, USA, Facebook, Instagram
Classes, 828-209-8599

Jeremy & Stesha Warren
Stoneville, North Carolina, USA
Website, Facebook, Instagram,,

Marc Williams*
Asheville, North Carolina, USA, Facebook
Classes, 828-231-4832

North Dakota

North Dakota Urban/Wild Foragers Facebook Group


Donna Lynne Strong Brott*
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Chris Chmiel*
Albany, Ohio, USA, 740-698-2124

Kristen Giesting
Southwestern Ohio (the Greater Cincinnati region), USA

Tom Laskowski
Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube
Classes, 888-886-5592

Alexis Nikole Nelson
Ohio, USA
Facebook, Instagram

Survival School**
Cleveland, Ohio, USA


Oklahoma Mycological Society
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, Facebook


Sergei Boutenko*
Ashland, Oregon, USA

Angie Goodloe*
Sandy, Oregon, USA

John Kallas**
Portland, Oregon, USA, Facebook
Classes, 503-775-3828

Pat Patterson*
Eugene, Oregon, USA, 541-682-4243


Debbie Naha-Koretzky*
Pennsylvania, USA, Instagram
Book on Foraging, 908-456-1681

Adam Haritan**
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Melissa Sokulski*
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, 412-381-0116

Rhode Island

Susan Clements
Wickford, North Kingston, Rhode Island, USA, Facebook

The 3 Foragers (Robert, Karen and Gillian)
Rhode Island, USA
3 Foragers Rhode Island, Facebook

Russ Cohen**
Rhode Island, USA
New England
Eat Wild

South Carolina

Tradd and Olga Cotter*
Easley, South Carolina, USA, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube
Classes, 864-859-3080

Robin McGee
Anderson, South Carolina, USA
Earthwise Learning Center

Matthew Kip*
Columbia, South Carolina, USA

South Carolina Upstate Mycological Society
Clemson, South Carolina, USA
(Founders – Dr. Julia Kerrigan and Tradd Cotter)

Darryl Paton
South Carolina, USA, Facebook

South Dakota

Currently looking for foragers in this state.


Bonnie Marie Morris*
Tellico Plains, Tennessee, USA, 423-371-1518

Alan Powell*
Nashville, Tennessee, USA, 615-352-8588

Larry Smith*
Signal Mountain, Tennessee, USA, 423-886-2798


Courtney & Isaac Clay*
Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas, USA

Amy Crowell*
Austin, Texas, USA

Michael Harrison*, 210-691-8498

Mark Vorderbruggen*
Houston, Texas, USA, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube


Beuna Tomalino
Bountiful, Utah, USA, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, 801-520-3293


Susan Crowther
Brattleboro, Vermont, USA

Dave the Plant Guy
Stowe, Vermont, USA, Facebook

Ari Rockland-Miller & Jenna Antonino DeMare
Richmond, Vermont, USA, Facebook, Instagram


Tim MacWelch*
Somerville, Virginia, USA
Classes, 540-270-2531

Alison Meehan
Short Pump, Virginia, USA, Facebook

Mike Rasnakes*
Zuni, Virginia, USA, 757-242-6221

Vickie Shufer*
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, Facebook
Classes, 757-421-3929

Kate & Hub Knott
Afton, Virginia, USA, Facebook
Classes, 540-456-7339


Shari Brewer*
Darrington, Washington, USA, 360-436-1771

Cedar Mountain Herb School / Suzanne Tabert
Seattle / Bothell, Washington, USA
Sandpoint, Idaho, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram 

Langdon Cook**
Seattle, Washington, USA,

Earthwalk Northwest**
Issaquah, Washington, USA

Arthur Lee Jacobson*
Seattle, Washington, USA, 206-328-8733

Abe Lloyd**
Bellingham, Washington, USA

Dave Sansone*
Marblemount, Washington, USA, 360-333-5051

Frank and Karen Sherwood*
Issaquah, Washington, USA, Facebook, Instagram
Classes, 425-746-7267

Wilderness Awareness School**
Duvall, Washington, USA

Jon Young*
Duvall, Washington, USA, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

Washington D.C.

Matthew Cohen*
Washington, D.C., USA, Instagram

West Virginia

Brian Lucas*
Fairmont, West Virginia, USA, 304-816-7439


Sam Thayer – Forager’s Harvest
Bruce, Wisconsin, USA, Facebook
Classes,, 715-868-9453

Andy Grivech – What Got Gathered
Madison, Wisconsin, USA,
Facebook for Andy, Facebook for What Got Gathered 
More resources for his area

Ben Marheine**
Wisconsin, USA

Arne Martinson
Wisconsin, USA
Website, 715-209-4748

Matthew Normansell**
Wisconsin, USA, Facebook, Instagram

Axel Peterman
Ashland, Wisconsin, USA, ‪312-480-0693‬

Meredith Rhodes and Vince Aiello
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
South Central Wisconsin, Instagram Meredith, Instagram Vince

Blake Weeden
Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA
Facebook, 608-481-1415
Specializes in mushroom foraging

Kenton and Rebecca Whitman
Menomonie, Wisconsin, USA
Northern Wisconsin, Twin Cities, Southwest Wisconsin and Southeast Minnesota, Facebook, Youtube

Tanna Worrell
St Croix Falls, Wisconsin, USA
Northwest Wisconsin and the northern Twin Cities in Minnesota, Facebook, 715-491-6422

Seasonally Sourced

Wild Food Wisconsin Facebook Group

Wild Harvest Nature Connection
Madison, Wisconsin, USA, Facebook

University Of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Freckmann Herbarium

Wisconsin State Herbarium, UW Madison**


American Wilderness School
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA
Greater Yellowstone region
American Wilderness School

National, Regional, & Multi-State

Return to Nature US
Return to Nature US

Eat the Planet
Eat the Planet, Facebook

Pacific Northwest Mushroom Social Club Facebook Group

Pacific Northwest Wild Edibles and Foraging Facebook

PNW Women’s Wild Foraging and Bushcraft Connection Facebook Group

Foraging Southern New England Facebook Group

Southwest Foraging Facebook Group

Upper Midwest USA Mushroom Identification Group Facebook Group

Midwest Wild Edibles & Foragers Society Facebook Group

USDA NRCS** Plants Database

Electronic Atlas of the Plants of British Columbia**



 (Organized alphabetically by province and then forager’s name.)

Foragers of Canada Facebook Group

Online guides
Pacific Northwest
Berries, plants, mushrooms (all provinces)

Kevin Kossowan
Kevin Kossowan
From the Wild TV series – all episodes


Alberta Rewilding and Foraging Facebook Group

Forage Your Food
Facebook, Instagram

British Columbia

Electronic Atlas of the Plants of British Columbia**

Forest Floor Forager
Based in Whistler
Interior, Lower Mainland, Coast

Made with Love Urban Farm
Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc
Alexandra Proctor

Moose, Mushrooms and Mud
Prince George, Facebook


Foraging Manitoba Facebook Group

New Brunswick

The Forager’s Feast

Plant & Fungi Foraging New Brunswick Facebook Group

Mushroom Hunting New Brunswick Facebook Group

Newfoundland and Labrador

Western Newfoundland Foraging – Mark & Toby
Grand Falls, Newfoundland & Labrador
Pine Clad Hills Foraging Company Facebook page, Facebook Group

Northwest Territories, Nunavut

Northern Foragers Collective Facebook

Nova Scotia

Jenn Stotland
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Carolinian and Acadian bioregions

Christianne Hagerman
Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada


Sherri Canjar*
Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Karen Stephenson
Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada, Facebook Group, YouTube Channel

Ontario Mushroom Hunters and Foragers Facebook Group

Ontario Foraging, Wildcrafting & Fermenting Facebook Group

Wild Edibles and Foraging Ontario Facebook Group

Prince Edward Island

Forage Prince Edward Island Facebook Group


Mange ta Coeur – bilingual
Montreal area, Facebook

Kat’s Foraging/Mycological Adventures – bilingual

Mark Reynolds
Montreal, QC
We Love Nettles, Facebook, 438-870-5182


Saskatchewan foragers Facebook Group


Yukon Foragers Facebook Group

Yukon foraging ID Facebook


(organized alphabetically by country and then forager’s name)


Diego Bonetto
Sydney and Regional New South Wales, Australia, Instagram
Wild Stories Foraging Guide

Alison Pouliot
Victoria, Australia, Instagram



Pascal Baudar
Belgium, France, Facebook

Mickaël Ogiwara
La Tour-du-Pin, France

Lori Horsten
Turnhout (Province of Antwerp), Belgium, Facebook, Instagram

Rodolfo Guzmán

Santiago, Chile, Facebook , Instagram
+56 22 953 8893

Dianxi Xiaoge
Yunnan, China
Dianxi Xiaoge

Costa Rica

Leda Meredith*
Costa Rica, Israel, New York City USA


Henriette Kress*
Helsinki, Finland


Peter Becker*

Simone Boecker / Unkultiviert

Berlin, Germany


Shruti Tharayil
Kerala, India
shrutitharayil, forgottengreens


Ronit Peskin*
Jerusalem, Israel, Facebook Group, Instagram,


Hisato Nakahigashi
Hanase, Japan


Jeong Kwan
Baekyangsa Temple, South Korea
Facebook, Instagram

New Zealand

Ellie Keall
Wellington, New Zealand, Facebook Group, Instagram
Classes, 0278165518

Resources for New Zealand:
Wild Picnic Blog
A Field Guide to the Native Edible Plant book
A Forager’s Treasury book by Johanna Knox


Ane Marit Willmann
Norway, Facebook Group, Instagram


Naomi Huzovicova
Smolenice, Slovakia
Valemount, BC, Canada, Instagram

                                                                     South Africa

Roushanna Gray
Cape Point, South Africa, Facebook, Instagram


Emma Viola Palmér
Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India
Gothenburg, Sweden,, Facebook, Instagram


Francois Couplan*
Massonnens, Switzerland, Facebook Group, 011-412-6653-1978

United Kingdom

Aimèe Cornwell
Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Cwmifor, Llandovery, Wales

Fergus Drennan*,

Robin Harford
Devon, United Kingdom

Marcus Harrison*

Miles Irving*
Cartham, Kent, United Kingdom, Facebook Group, Instagram, YouTube Channel

Richard Mawby / Forage Frolics
Northamptonshire, United Kingdom, Facebook, Instagram

Andrew Shaw*
Peterborough, UK, 078-1767-9174

Ben Stopford
Snowdonia Area, North Wales, United Kingdom, 078-8552-2510

James Wood
Cheshire, England, 074-2375-3212

John Wright
Dorset, England



Lists of gatherings, events and resources – This site is dedicated to promoting Earthskills and Primitive Skills events, schools and programs throughout the United States and beyond. is a place for you to find out what events and schools may be out there.

earthskills.netEarthskills Gatherings

Falling Fruit – A massive, collaborative worldwide map of the urban harvest. Use this map to find foods to forage that have been mapped out by others in your area or as you travel.

Wild Food – A free dynamic community for all things wild food related.
Facebook Group

Wild Food Love – Sharing wild and feral food from all over the world. – Facebook, Instagram

Plant & Foraging Identification Workgroup – Facebook Group

Urban Foragers – Basic guide to foraging food items and usable recyclable items in city and urban areas. – Facebook Group

Native American Ethnobotany Database – A database of foods, drugs, dyes and fibers of Native American Peoples, derived from plants.


Books and Handbooks
Samuel Thayer: The Forager’s Harvest, Nature’s Garden and Incredible Wild Edibles by

Euell Gibbons: Stalking the Wild Asparagus (1962), Stalking the Healthful Herbs (1966),
Euell Gibbons’ Handbook of Edible Wild Plants (1979) and more

Peter del Tredici: Wild Urban Plants of the Northeast, A field guide

John Kallas: Wild Food Adventure Series plus numerous others books, handbooks and field guides by other authors

Ellen Zachos: Backyard Foraging and other books

Pascal Baudar: New Wildcrafted Cuisine, The Wildcrafting Brewer, Wildcrafted Fermentation

David Arora: Several books and field guides focusing on mushrooms

Hank Shaw: Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the forgotten feast

Richard Maybey: Food for Free, Weeds, Wild Cooking, Nature Cure

Lee Peterson: A Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants of Eastern and Central North America
Leda Meredith: The Skillful Forager, Northeast Foraging, Pickling Everything

Mia Wasilevich: Ugly Little Greens

Dina Falconi: Foraging and Feasting A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook

Daniel Moerman: Native American Ethnobotany

Steve Brill: Wild Vegan Cookbook
Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and Not-So-Wild) Places
Shoots and Greens of Early Spring in Northeastern North America
Foraging New York
Foraging with Kids
Hen of the Woods and Other Wild Foods and Medicines

If you are a forager and would like to be added to this database, please email with the subject line “Find a Forager” and include the following information:

If you know of foragers who would like to be on this database, please also submit them via these instructions.

– Name

– City, State (if USA), Country where you are available for foraging/ where your knowledge is based

– Secondary locations (if you offer classes in other areas besides your primary area)

– Website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

– Webpage where your classes are listed

– Email, phone number if you desire this info to be publicly listed

– Link to books

– Other important resources

You do not need to be an expert forager, but we are looking to add people who serve as resources to their community to teach foraging. We are especially looking to add foragers who offer classes (whether group or private and whether free or paid) and who offer local information.

If you know of foragers who would like to be on this database, please submit them via email.

Please also submit books, website, groups, etc. for us to add to our resources.

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