The Foraging Chef Helping Others Heal through Food!

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A Young Person Heals Community, Food and Land

This young healer who is working to liberate communities through art, food and meditation. 

Based in Ithaca, New York, Billie Alexandria is a young trans Indigenous and Black healer who primarily connects with their followers through art, food and body positivity. One of the main ways that they connect to food is through foraging. Foraging is a way of finding, identifying and gathering plants and mushrooms in nature for food or medicine. Much of the practice has been lost due to the convenience of the industrialized and capitalist food system but much of it has also been purposefully restricted through violent and racist policies that prevented BIPOC communities from accessing land. 

Fortunately, Billie shares knowledge on foraging and food as well as their own services via their earth_sol Instagram account. Here, their mission is of “Healing food&land&body. For & with community.” Billie elegantly connects food, land and body through the knowledge they share. The complexity of their reflections and poetry are thought-provoking and offer a glimpse into how they see the world. That intuitive and elegant way of using words is another way they connect food, land and body into a healing art. 

If you already love the idea of learning about Indigenous and Black food ways, art and Billie then you will also enjoy their personal Instagram account. There you will find body positivity affirming content to brighten your day or perhaps they will share an intimate moment full of joy. Either way, it is an invitation for the audience to also share or reflect on their own experiences that may parallel Billie’s. Beyond inspiring images and the visual window into their life, Billie kindly extends affirmations and thoughts on every post. Each line is carefully crafted, making almost every caption fitting for a morning meditation. Their role as a true healer is revealed through every dimension of what they share on both platforms. 

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This article was written by José M Chiquito Galvan.

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