The Free Seed Project

Grow your own healthy, organic food!

We provide the seeds for an alternative to the industrial, globalized food system, and to encourage people to make a deeper connection with the earth. Since we began in 2018, we have sent 20,000 free seed packs to individuals in all 50 US states! These seeds are are fueling community building, selfless giving, and healthy eating.

The Free Seed Project garden starter kit includes a variety of hearty veggies, tasty herbs and healing greens to nourish the body and mind. Plus a mix of beautiful and fragrant flowers for our bee, butterfly and pollinator friends (and our enjoyment too)! We send enough seeds to start a good-sized garden to fill each recipient’s life with health and happiness and contribute to regenerating our Earth.  That’s quite the garden, all from one envelope in the mail! Plus, through our seed saving guide recipients can learn how to turn this pack into more seeds and food year after year by growing and saving their own seeds!

We want to increase access to organic gardening and healthy food for as many people as we can.  We prioritize providing seeds to people who would not otherwise be able to access seeds, first time gardener’s and people who grow food to share it with others who have low access to healthy home-grown food.

We have sent 10,000 packs in spring 2021 and are not able to send any more at this time. You can sign up for our waiting list to be notified when we have more seeds available to share.

Click here to sign up for our waiting list.

(Seed packets are available for United States addresses only due to the high cost of shipping internationally and regulations around shipping seeds internationally.)

Click here to learn what is in the 2021 Free Seed Project pack.
Click here for our Free Seed Project Gardening Guide.

Want to help people to grow their own food? Contribute to our GoFundMe so we can send free seed packs to 10,000 people! A note to Free Seed Project recipients: There is no need for you to make a donation. However, please do feel free to share the GoFundMe with any friends who might want to donate to help more people grow their own food!)


Help the Free Seed Project and Get Involved

Like the Live Like Ally Facebook page and follow them on Instagram @Live_Like_Ally to follow the stories of new gardeners, get tips on how to grow food, and see notifications first when we have opportunities for free seeds and fruit trees!

Send us photos! We’d love to share your story and inspire more people to grow their own food. Please send us photos of you with the seed pack in the space you are going to garden. Please send us a before and after photo of the garden and any other photos you’d like! You can send them to

Share food with your community. Let’s create a culture of sharing our own home-grown food with each other. One of the most powerful ways to stand up against the big food corporations is to create a strong community of people who can produce their own food! Learn about Freestyle Gardening!

Save some seed. If you let one or two of each plant go to seed, then you can turn one seed we supplied you into thousands! One kale plant can yield hundreds of seeds. We don’t provide enough seed for you to start a giant garden in the first year, but if you save seed you can increase the size of your garden each year, without spending any extra money or resources. Soon you could even take on the Free Seed Project role, and give out free seeds to everyone in your community!

Teach someone. We are focused on helping beginner gardeners but if you’re an experienced gardener we’d love your help! Maybe you have a neighbor or friend who’d benefit from growing their own healthy vegetables…share the seeds with them, and help them get growing! And please subscribe to our Facebook Group to help us answer questions from novice gardeners.

Why We’re Doing This

The American food system is largely broken. Less than one hundred years ago, we knew where our food was coming from and we could recognize what we were putting on our tables. Today we are eating more “food-like-substances” than actual food and the majority of our food is controlled by a handful of mega-corporations. The average meal in the USA travels 1,500 miles from farm to fork and has a huge fossil fuel footprint. Food deserts exist all across the nation where there is no access to healthy food. Nearly fifty-million Americans are food insecure, including tens of millions of children and elders. Even most organic food at the big supermarkets comes from Big Organic, which uses an incredible amount of fossil fuels and is held to a low standard compared to true organic.

It truly is amazing what a handful of seeds can create. Seeds, some soil and a little water can feed you, year after year.
As Ron Finley says, “Growing your own food is like printing your own money.”
The Free Seed Project is brought to you by Rob Greenfield and Live Like Ally Foundation.
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