Gardens for the People

We think that life is better with fresh food grown right in our own yards. We want to help people who are dreaming of this, but don’t have the money or the ability to make this happen. That’s why Rob Greenfield and the Live Like Ally Foundation are excited to launch Gardens for the People!
In 2019 we are building 10 Gardens for the People in Orlando and Central Florida.
Our aim with these gardens is to put some fresh vegetables and herbs on the plates and tables of ten households each day. The gardens will be very simple: approximately 3’x5′ raised beds that will produce about hundreds of dollars worth of food per year. We will install the gardens, fill them with organic plants, and teach the recipients of the gardens how to take care of them.

We’ll also supply them with a year supply of seeds so they can keep the gardens going. Once we build the gardens they will be in the hands of the recipient, but we will be available  to help ensure their success in growing their own food.
Who are we building Gardens for the People for? Anyone who is dreaming of a garden but does not have the money or means to do it on their own. We’d like to focus on single parent families, elders and people living with low income. Our gardens can be at a home, apartment, community center, school, church or any organization.
Do you know someone who would be a match for Gardens for the People in the Orlando area? Or are you a match? You can email us at
We don’t require much at all to be considered for a garden. Our only requirements are:
A deep desire for this garden.
A true belief that this will be meaningful and impactful.
A commitment to take care of the garden, to eat the food and to share it if there’s more than you can eat!
A location to place the garden that receives ample sun.

Take a look at some of the gardens we have built so far!

Garden location: Inspire of Central Florida

Garden location: Single parent household

Garden location: Family Household

Gardens for the People is a grassroots organization led by Rob Greenfield and the Live Like Ally Foundation. Contact us at
A special thanks to Palm Beach Farmyards and Connected Landscapes for creating the gardens with us.
A special thanks to GrowOya for providing us with ollas – a traditional, natural way to water less frequently and grow a more successful garden.