If your god claims he is the only path to heaven please pass this message along to him.

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I’m a good man. I’m good to my fellow humans. I’m good to all animals and creatures. I’m good to the earth. I’m good to myself. I’m good for the sake of being good. Not for any religion. Not for any government. Not for any group or club. I’m good because I want to spread happiness and health on this earth.
But according to the Christian religion, I am going to hell for eternity. According to Islam, this life I live will not get me a spot in their paradise. According to many religions, I am in the wrong. Not because I’ve actually done anything “wrong,” but simply because I am not doing my good it in the name of their god.
According to the rules that over 50% of the world plays by, my form of a good life and pure living is blemished, for it is not in the sake of god. No matter how much good I do, I am flawed.
There are 2 billion Christians making up 30% of the world’s population. According to their philosophy, the other 5 billion people on Earth will go to hell for eternity. Not because of their true actions or words, but simply because they don’t believe in this one specific “god” that they have chosen as the right god.
There is no sense or logic that one of these religions is right over any of the 4,000+ other religions that exist on this earth. But if one of them is right after all and the god they praise would not accept me simply for not believing in him, then I say you don’t deserve me in your heaven.
My goodness is for every breathing, sweating, eating, blinking, growing, living organism on this planet. It is for everyone and everything. But it is not for a god and it is for no religion.
It’s time to take responsibility for our own lives. It’s time to step up and embrace our fellow humans, animals, and the earth we call home. It’s time to accept all beings as equal. It’s time to start loving and stop hating. It’s time to live for the life we’ve got now. It’s time to make the best of your time on earth because it may be the only time you have.
A human living for a better world…

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