Humans, No More Important than Ants

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To most human beings, an individual ant means absolutely nothing. It is a minuscule insect among billions that appear exactly the same to the untrained eye. 

Fellow humans, when you look at our existence within a greater perspective you will start to grasp that we are nothing more than the ants we perceive as insignificant. The earth is nothing but a speck of dust within an infinitely expanding space. In the grand scheme of existence each of us humans on this speck of dust are no more important than the bugs stuck to our windshields.

However, within our tiny little world that we call Planet Earth, each of us humans has the ability to affect thousands, millions, and even billions of lives. We have the choice and the capacity inside of us to show the whole world what we are made of or to just sit back and watch it all.

We mean nothing but at the same time we mean everything. With true understanding of this concept comes great power.

This speck called Planet Earth is the only home that us humans have right now. This is the only refuge for 7 billion human lives. It’s the only safe haven for the elephants, the polar bears, the monkeys, and even the little creatures invisible to the naked eye. Earth harbors our water, our food, and our air and provides us with shelter. We need this speck if we want to continue with the lives that we deem so utterly important.

Let us protect this masterpiece. Let us wake up every morning and be grateful for this home we are fortunate to have. Let us live in harmony and peace with all the humans and creatures that share the only home we know. Let us treat everyone and everything with the utmost respect.

Each and every human holds a bright light within them that can send ripples around the world. We can choose to hold our light in or to release it for the whole world to see.

Will you let your light shine?

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