15 Ways to be a Jerk to Earth

15 Ways to be a Jerk to Earth
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These are pretty indisputable ways to be a complete Jerk to the earth.

1. Leave your vehicle idling while you’re parked or just running away for a minute.

It’s a myth that it is better to leave your car running. The fact is that if it’s going to be anymore than 8 seconds, it’s better to turn it off. That’s less time than it took to read this blog so far.

2. Throw your cigarette butts on the ground.

Enough said, just put them in the trash man.

3. Not recycle when recycling is easily available. 

It’s one thing if your town doesn’t have recycling, but to just not take the effort to put your junk in the right bin is definitely Jerk status.

4. Run the water while brushing your teeth.

If you brush your teeth for 2 minutes and leave the water running you waste about 4 gallons of water. This is all the water many Africans have for 2 days!

5. Drink bottled water at home.

Drinking bottled water at all really, but especially when you are at home and you could so easily use a water purifier. You’ll save a ton of resources and a ton of money by ditching bottled water.

6. Drive places that are just a half mile away.

We have legs.

7. Leave the lights on when you’re not in the room.

70% of electricity in the USA is made from fossil fuels so when we leave the lights on we’re just needlessly pillaging the earth for this stuff.

8. Use one-time use bags at the grocery store.

This includes paper and plastic. Get a freaking reusable bag already.

9. Eat factory farmed meat at every meal.

Industrial Animal agriculture is far and away one of the most environmentally destructive industries in existence. It is one thing to eat meat, but to eat factory farmed meat, dairy and eggs at every meal is another.

10. Fly first class.

Who are we to think that we need a spacious and immaculate seat to fly through the sky for a very short period of time?

11. Throw beer cans out your car window.

Or anything for that matter. No excuses.

12. Warm up the shower for an excessive amount of time.

Once it’s warm, get in there. Don’t stand around in the other room with the shower running.

13. Throw away stuff that can be donated.

Common’ now. Give that stuff to a thrift shop; don’t put good stuff in the trash.

14. Grow grass as an ornament in a drought.

Grow food not lawns!

15. Waste food

Every country on earth has hungry people. Wasting food just isn’t cool man.

If you are doing these things I really hope you’ll start to think of more than yourself. Think of other people, the other species we share the earth with, and our future generations. Don’t be an Earth Jerk.

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