Live Simple. Live Free. Be a Tumbleweed.

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Simple things you can do now to start living simply…
(And live a happier, healthier life for yourself, your community, and the earth.)

StuffNeed less, want less, use less, own less. Sell what you don’t need on Craigslist or give it away. Buy used, inexpensive stuff that you don’t have to worry about. Shop at secondhand stores. Share and borrow from others. The more stuff you have, the more time you need to maintain it, organize it, and think about it, and the more money you end up needing as well. 

Transportation – Sell your car. Buy a bike. Walk. Take public transportation.

Food – Eat whole, unpackaged foods. Take time to cook. Get your food from the grocery store and eat out less. Take time to appreciate and enjoy your food. 

Money – Need less, want less, spend less. The less you need, the less you need to work, the more time you have to do what you want. Trade. Buy used. Be friends with your neighbors. Be involved in your community.

Take care of yourself – Exercise, get fresh air, eat healthy, sleep, drink plenty of water, live drug free, educate yourself. Think positive. Be happy!

Take joy in the simple things in life – Water. Air. Sun. Nature. Trees. Plants. Parks. Walks. Hikes. People. They are all free and mostly available to the world. Spend time outside and start enjoying what is available to you.

If the simple things in life make you happy you will be happy all the time!

“Live simple and you will live free.”



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