Meet the Farmer Bakers! From Grain to Sourdough Bread!

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Meet the Farmer Bakers, Raph and Kim of La Pelle Des Coyotes. From planting the seeds, to baking the bread, they are both the farmers and the bakers! They grow the grain, mill it into flour, make sourdough with a living culture, bake it into delicious sourdough bread, then sell it locally to people in their community! They are stewards of their land, growing a mixture of 13 heirloom varieties of wheat that are better adapted to the region requiring no irrigation, pesticides or artificial fertilizers. They do crop rotation with chickpeas and with this they make their own hummus too. Their bread is mixed, kneaded and baked by hand, using a traditional method and recipe passed down by other bakers in the region. They don’t add any industrial yeast to raise their dough. It rises from the culture of yeast and bacteria naturally present on the grains and in the air. The heirloom varieties are more nutritious and easier to digest than modern, industrial wheat and the sourdough culture pre-digests the grains, making it even healthier. Raph and Kim love every bit of the process from farming to baking, but their deeper purpose is to show an alternative to the broken industrial food system, to help their customers rethink their relationship to food, and with each bite, how their food choices impact our home, Earth.

Learn more and follow La Pelle Des Coyotes. They are part of the Grain&Sens community near Valence, France.





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