“Not Fair, You be You.” My Response to What Really is Not Fair.

“Not Fair, You be You.” My Response to What Really is Not Fair
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This is a comment I received from my last post and I would like to address it.

“I had to look up BIPOC. My brain hurts. I’m a woman and sure all the prejudice and bias exist and we handle it as it comes. I’m tired. Please talk about permaculture. Not fair, you be you, just saying…”

If my page does not make you uncomfortable at times, then you are not looking deep enough.

Yes, I am very passionate about growing food, foraging, reducing our waste, simple living and all sorts of positive and light ways of connecting to the Earth that gives us life.
I am here to empower and help you to be the change you wish to see in the world and I choose outlets such as growing food, cycling and living zero waste because they are productive and meaningful ways to begin to transform our lives.
The purpose isn’t to stop there though. Really, I intend to use these as gateways to completely rethinking our lives and how they interact the planet, all people and the species we share our home with.
There is a lot we can do that is simple and enjoyable to improve our lives, but if I were to ignore the deep intricacies of our lives, it would be a disservice to humanity and ultimately feeding into a state of delusion.
Some things are simple, but the state of humanity is quite complex.
My purpose is to live a just, equal and sustainable life and to help you do so as well.
Many of us on this page live very privileged lives, including me. The truth is that this privilege generally comes at the expense of others, hidden behind unjust systems and globalization.

They commenter says “Not fair, you be you.” I understand. But in truth life is fair to me, and many following this page, even with our hardships. We all deal with hardships, but mine are minimal compared to what much of humanity deals with. Systemically racist government are not fair. Police murdering Black people and getting away with it is not fair. Stealing the land of Indigenous people and making it illegal to practice their traditional ways is not fair. Treating people put in prison as second class citizens is not fair. Paying women less than men for the same job is not fair. Discriminating against someone based on who they love is not fair. These are just a few examples of what is really not fair.

This is the depth that I want to take you to, to help you transition your life and remove the ways that you are unknowingly part of these unfair systems of society.

Look, I am tired too. This is not easy. This is going to be difficult. It is going to require deep thinking and constant self-reflection and examination. It is going to require dropping pre-conceived notions and being willing to admit when we are wrong, even if it turns out that we have to admit to decades of being wrong.

I will be here with you compassionately. I will always try to be understanding of where you are coming. I will largely keep a positive focus on what you can do to be the change. But you should be uncomfortable and challenged here. It takes being uncomfortable to transform.
I love you all,

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