A call to help My Friend Nedahness Rose Greene

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This is a call for help!

My dear friend Nedahness is one of the most talented photographers I know.
She’s self taught, driven as can be, and has risen above countless obstacles to get where she is today.

Her photography has been displayed in galleries and publications nationally and internationally bringing much needed attention to Indigenous activists on the frontline, resistance to colonialism and extractive industries, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives, and telling much needed stories to show that the Anishinaabe people are here and are true stewards for our Mother Earth. Her work is displayed on Reservations to help teach and inspire youth to be active in cultural traditions and practices. Following her teachings to help her community, she has supported her fellow tribal members and small businesses providing her professional photography for free or at very low cost. She is a single mother who takes care of her 3 children and a member of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe.

She needs our support to keep going! She’s hit hard times due to pandemic and needs new camera gear, equipment and finances. By supporting Nedahness now we are supporting every important message that she can and will bring to the world. Your donation of any type of funding will allow her valuable teachings and artistry to continue. She has applied for grants, but they can take a year to recieve. 

I know that with our support her life, her community and our world will be a better place.

If have gear to donate or would like to purchase gear directly please see the list below of what Nedahness needs. Then email info@robgreenfield.org and we’ll coordinate! We’ll remove the items below when they are no longer needed.

You can also donate to her gofundme here.

I hope to see Nedahness this summer when I visit Anishinaabe land, which is the land that I was born on, and we’ll share a photo together sharing a joyous thank you!
I love you all!


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