The Power of the Seed

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I may not have a whole lot of money, but I’ve got a whole lot of pumpkins!
I am absolutely enamored by the power of the seed. Allow me to share this experience with you.
In January I had dinner with my friend Terry. He made me pumpkin from his garden. This is not just a typical pumpkin you’d find at the grocery store though. This is the fantastic Seminole Pumpkin. I desperately wanted to grow it myself, so I scooped the seeds out of the three pumpkins we cut open, and I took the seeds home with me. In a few months when the time was right I planted them into my gardens.

With sun, water, soil, pollination by insects, time and love the seeds from those few pumpkins turned into over 150 pumpkins. All grown on unused spaces that I converted from lawn to garden in the city of Orlando.

Just think about that for a minute. The seeds that most people would throw out, turned into what will provide me with over 100 dinners. Pumpkin soup, pumpkin curry, baked pumpkin, pumpkin pie… the delicious and nutritious pumpkin possibilities are endless.

But here’s what I’m really excited about…

Three pumpkins from my friend turned into 150 pumpkins. Each of these pumpkins hold about 100 seeds. That means these pumpkins have the potential to turn into 1.5 MILLION pumpkins with each vine producing about ten pumpkins. After just a few generations, one seed can be feeding thousands and thousands of people.

The seed is powerful. That is why companies are trying to control it. The seed exists with or without money. It does not acknowledge our futile and temporary human made systems. Nature provides, and we the people, have the ability to work alongside nature and take the power back from these corrupt corporations seeking to dominate our lives for the sake of their enrichment at our detriment.

By coming together, we can feed our entire communities with truly nourishing and healthy food, and the barriers for beginning are minimal. If we join forces it is possible to create real food freedom, food sovereign communities, meals that don’t destroy our home and contribute to a more sustainable and just society.

The power lies in the seed, and the seed is ready for you to plant it in the soil.

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