Quarter Acre for the People

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Many families today live in areas where no fresh produce is easily available, which is a major contributor in accessing the highest quality of life they deserve. This lack of access to healthy food creates a great increase in the risk for disease and chronic illness in the community. Low-income communities of color often lack quality green space because of inequitable usage of resources by systemically racist political systems and corporations. 

Christa Nunez created Quarter Acre for the People, to be part of the solution to these problems. The program helps get urban families and people living in “food deserts” onto farms and into nature to enrich their health with exercise, fresh air and organic food. Instead of just acquiring the land for community members to use, the organization connects landowners with people who want a small plot of land to grow a garden. Quarter Acre for the People brings in community instructors to teach how to properly cultivate the land which provides families. The landowners also benefit from the arrangement because often people with huge lots of space are not able to use the entire piece of property. Sharing the space gives the land an opportunity to get more diversified use and is less likely to degrade overtime in the way that mono-crop farming will do. The focus is regenerative agricultural techniques to help reverse the damage done to the soil due to land development. By spreading sustainable farming practices to families that are already struggling with access to food, Christa is able to give families the chance to eat well, exercise and spend time with loved ones all while making themselves and their planet just a little bit healthier.

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Thank you to Guerrilla Foundation for funding this video of solutions.

This article was written by Sydney Lindquist.

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