Regeneration, Equity and Justice

Regeneration, Equity and Justice is a grassroots 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to leading the way to a more equitable, just and regenerative world. It was founded by activist and humanitarian Rob Greenfield, who has been educating and inspiring on environmental and social issues since 2011.
We primarily take action with local and small scale solutions, with the big picture problems and strategies in mind. We focus on creating and enacting initiatives and programming that help Earth and humanity. Our initiatives help people and communities to grow food, live sustainably, connect with our Earth, stand up against injustice and bring community together.
We exist to help to incubate, accelerate, highlight and empower initiatives and people doing good work for the world and humanity. Our video production spreads the messages of initiatives, organizations, every day people and activists around the world working toward a more regenerative, equitable and just future for all.
We strive to work and act in a holistic manner, practicing what we preach. This means our programing and work is carried out in a regenerative, equitable and just manner. We are the change we wish to see in the world.

Regeneration, Equity and Justice was founded in 2020. From 2014-2019 our our service to Earth and humanity was carried out through Happy, Healthy and Free (501c3 nonprofit).

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Our Food Sovereignty Initiatives

Free Seed Project

Since 2018, we have sent 20,000 free seed packs to people in all 50 US states! We prioritize providing seeds to people who would not otherwise be able to access seeds, first time gardener’s and people who grow food to share it with others who have low access to healthy home-grown food. Through providing seeds and educational content we strive to increase access to organic gardening and healthy food for as many people as we can! The Free Seed Project pack includes a variety of hearty veggies, tasty herbs and healing greens to nourish the body and mind. Plus a mix of beautiful and fragrant flowers for our bee, butterfly and pollinator friends (and our enjoyment too)! We send enough seeds to start a good-sized garden to fill each recipient’s life with health and happiness and contribute to regenerating our Earth.  That’s quite the garden, all from one envelope in the mail!

We have grown each year and in 2022 our goal is to provide seeds to at least 20,000 people and organizations as well as to expand our educational content to ensure the success of our recipients.


Community Fruit Trees

We have planted over 400 Community Fruit Trees! A community fruit tree is a publicly owned fruit tree that is easily accessible for anyone to pick from. A sign next to the tree invites people to enjoy the fruit. Each tree can be found on an online map. We plant Community Fruit Trees in many different locations where the public can access them including residential front yards and businesses with access from a public sidewalk, in the medians between streets and sidewalk, at schools, in public parks, in churchyards and along bike trails. These trees are planted where people walk every day and where they are highly accessible.

Although the idea of Community Fruit Trees may be simple, it is a world away from the industrial, globalized food system where most of us buy our food today. We’re on a mission to wake people up to the idea that food doesn’t have to come from the store. It can be growing all around us, in our communities, for free! Nature and community provide for each other.

We are aiming to plant 1,000 Community Fruit Trees in fall of 2021 and provide them primarily to Black and Indigenous communities. With success, we would like to plant 5,000 Community Fruit Trees in 2022!


Community Compost

The mission of the Community Compost Program is to strengthen community connections and give back to the planet by increasing the number of local composting programs across the country. Composting on a community scale serves a unique and important role in the sustainable food movement.  Community compost sites can be located anywhere from a back yard to a university, community garden or local farm. By keeping the process local while engaging the community through participation and education, our community compost programs can yield many benefits such as improving local self reliance and food sovereignty.

We provide micro-grants to help people start Community Compost Programs in their community along with an easy to follow template and support from our team. Our goal is to help start 100 Community Compost Programs in 2021-2022 and facilitate the recovery of over 1 million pounds of wasted food.


Free Seed Library

Millions of us have woken up to learn that the global, industrial food system is broken and does not serve our society in an equitable, just or sustainable manner. The time is now to rise up, take the power back from Big Agriculture, and grow our own food for our communities. The power to change a society lies in the seed! A Free Seed Library can serve as a hub in the community for people to freely get the seeds they need to grow their own food, share it with their community, and be a part of the shift towards a more sustainable, equitable and just society. We place Free Seed Libraries in publicly accessible places including in residential front yards along the sidewalk, business fronts, libraries, community centers and schools.

We have established 11 Free Seed Libraries so far and our goal is to establish 100 Free Seed Libraries in all 50 US states in 2021-2022.


Gardens for the People

We have built gardens for over 20 people who have dreamt of having a garden but did not have the money or means to do it on their own. We primarily provide gardens for single parent families, elders and people living with low income. Our gardens are built at homes, apartments, community centers, schools, churches, etc. Our aim with these gardens is to put healthy, fresh food on the plates of households every day.


Films for Good

​Since 2016 we have created over 200 videos that have been viewed over 250 million times! 

Our videos spread the messages of initiatives, organizations, every day people and activists around the world working toward a more regenerative, equitable and just future for all. Since 2019 we have made it a central focus to feature Black, Indigenous and People of Color and women led initiatives.

People aren’t just watching the videos we produce—they are taking action! Our videos serve as accelerators to the people featured, bringing in donations, new volunteers, social media growth, and media coverage.
A financial contribution to our video production does much more than just make these videos, but rather multiplies the contribution via the donations that come into the people featured.
Our videos are creative commons and we freely share them with other media outlets to spread these important messages to the best of our abilities.

Here are a few examples of what our videos can do:

Our video on David Young quickly went viral, reaching over 20 million views. Viewers donated over $10,000 to his nonprofit, local news stations came out to his farm and did stories, his inbox was flooded with people wanting to volunteer, and his Facebook page grew by over 7,000% from 347 likes to over 27,000.

Debbra Arndt, the woman growing a garden to feed the elderly in her neighborhood, raised $4,500 through a fundraiser that we created for her. The local news channels covered her work and she was recognized by the Missouri House of Representatives.

​And those are just a few examples of many! Learn more about our Films for Good here.
Here is a playlist including some of our recent videos:


Partnerships for Good

We believe deeply in partnering with other grassroots organizations and citizens. We redistribute a sizable proportion of our resources and funds–over $60,000 since 2015–to other organizations. Here is a list of organizations that we align with, many of which we have contributed funds or resources to.

Rob Greenfield donates 100% of his media income (from books, tv shows, etc.) to grassroots nonprofit organizations and his financial net worth is kept to a bare minimum. In 2020 100% of Rob’s speaking honorariums were donated to Indigenous and women-led grassroots environmental organizations. His financial vows are more than a list of resolutions; they speak to his steadfast commitment to live simply and live free. By living in this manner, he aims to show that true happiness, health and freedom do not come from an accumulation of money and possessions. Rather they come from a deep connection to our surroundings, the earth’s resources that are freely available to us all, relationships and love.


Bikes for kids

In 2017 when Rob’s bamboo bike was stolen we created a fundraiser, and we raised enough funds to give bikes to fifty kids! We believe bad deeds cannot drive out bad deeds, only good deeds can do that! Since then we have taken multiple opportunities to provide bikes for kids.


Green Riders

In 2017 we led one of the largest grassroots bike rides across the USA in recent history. The mission of Green Riders was to do Good Deeds on Bikes and leave each community they passed through a slightly better place. On the 11-week journey, we planted 90 fruit trees and thousands of wildflower and vegetable seeds, cleaned up over 20,000 pieces of trash and rescued 5,000 pounds of good food from dumpsters. We volunteered in community gardens, cleaned up trash and performed random acts of kindness and sustainability. 48 people from 7 countries around the world took part in the cross-country ride. The ride was open for anyone to join for as long as they wanted. Together the Green Riders cycled 87,000 miles. That’s 3.5 times around the world!


Trash Me

In 2016 we launched Trash Me. The average American creates 4.5 pounds of trash per day, yet most people never think twice about their trash. Once it’s in the garbage can, it’s out of sight, out of mind. We wanted to create a visual that would help people understand just how much trash they create and inspire them to make positive changes. So for 30 days, Rob lived just like the average American and he wore every piece of trash he created. Our videos were viewed tens of millions of times, the story was covered by hundreds of media outlets and our campaign created over 1 billion media impressions.


Dumpster Divers Defense Fund

In 2015 Rob publicly offered to give assistance to anyone who is arrested for dumpster diving. On October 5, 2016, nearly two years later, Tony Moyer and Sam Troyer were arrested for dumpster diving and contacted Rob. We started the Dumpster Divers Defense Fund and managed to have all charges against Tony and Sam dropped! The story spread nationwide through media outlets including NPR, The Washington Post, and NowThis, and this victory has set a precedent for anyone possibly arrested for dumpster diving for food in the future!


The Food Waste Fiasco

We are the creators of The Food Waste Fiasco, a campaign that strives to end food waste and hunger. We’ve hosted over 15 demonstrations across the USA.


Much of our work is brought to you through eco-adventures and environmental activism campaigns by Rob. From cycling across the country for sustainability (three times) to traveling across continents showing that people are good, to to wearing 30 days worth of trash while living like the average American to create a visual of how much trash just one person creates, Rob has reached millions of people and gotten the wheels spinning in their heads.

Public Speaking is one of the main ways that we raise funds for our environmental campaigns. Rob has spoken at over 130 events to more than 13,000 people in 13 countries. He has spoken at a wide range of venues from elementary school through universities, small businesses to international corporations, rural villages to big cities, municipal organizations, nonprofits, and more. In 2020 100% of Rob’s speaking honorariums were donated to Indigenous and women-led grassroots environmental organizations.


Board of Directors:

Rob Greenfield is an activist and humanitarian dedicated to leading the way to a more sustainable and just world. He embarks on extreme projects to bring attention to important global issues and inspire positive change. His work has been covered by media worldwide including National Geographic and he’s been named “The Robin Hood of modern times” by France 2 TV. Rob’s life is an embodiment of Gandhi’s philosophy, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” In a time when many feel disempowered, he believes that our actions really do matter and that as individuals and communities we have the power to improve the world around us. Rob donates 100% of his media earnings to grassroots organizations primarily Black, Indigenous and women led. He has committed to living simply and responsibly for life.

Ryan Sandberg brings his knowledge as an entrepreneur with experience in financial and operations management for small and medium sized enterprises. He is the CFO of a consumer reporting agency (PreSearch Background Services, Inc.) and also sits on the boards of Nature’s Closet, LLC and Gear and Country LLC. When not in the office you can find him foraging the Wisconsin forests with his best friend/daughter, Camila.

Nevada Littlewolf brings years of experience having worked across sectors of community, government, philanthropy, non-profit, and business. She is the Executive Director for Our Children MN & Campaign Manager for The Page Amendment, working to create a civil right for all Minnesota children to access quality public education. Nevada served on the Virginia, MN City Council for ten years from 2008-2018. Nevada is a citizen of Leech Lake nation and has two children. She serves as Board Chair for the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, and on the boards of ClearWay MN, Minnesota Urban Debate League and Oldenburg Arts and Cultural Center. Nevada is a 2016 Bush Fellow and founded the non-profit Rural American Indigenous Leadership and is President and owner of Seven Teachings LLC.

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