A Letter from a Bearded Man

a letter to me from a bearded man
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A few weeks ago I was contacted by this guy from a website called SoCal Sessions. He wanted to interview me about sustainable living. I said sure come on over and we had a nice morning walking the beach and talking. He was an interesting guy and had a really nice beard. Today I got an email from him and I thought I would share it.

Hi Rob,

Last night I was in the bath. Stay with me here. I was sore & beat up. I drew a hot bath, tossed the netflix on and tried to relax. But I couldn’t. Because of you.

When we were walking you mentioned that you were in a place where you weren’t sure you wanted to keep doing “extreme” things for attention. You had some reservations that you weren’t reaching enough people, or that you may be getting pigeon-holed as the “extreme” guy causing normal people not to pay attention. 

But our conversation, and some of the posts of yours I read had an actionable impact on me. I spent most of my bath trying to figure out how many gallons of water it took to fill. How many do I really need? What other steps could I have taken to ease the ache of my worn out muscles?
I’m just one guy. Over the long haul maybe me adjusting my water usage doesn’t make a damn bit of difference. It certainly doesn’t feel like it when you read about households using millions of gallons in a month. It is easy to ignore your own habits because when compared to the worst of the worst they don’t seem that bad. Yet somehow my interaction with you still weighed on me. It will affect my actions moving forward.

I’m also a guy with a platform. Albeit, a small one. My platform doesn’t directly target environmental concerns but there are some adjacent borders, and those thoughts will find their way out. Maybe that is part of the answer to your process moving forward. Instead of trying to inspire all the citizens of the world you target your inspiration towards people with platforms.

What you’ve experienced, what you’ve learned can be spread in larger & larger spiderwebs.

That doesn’t mean you can’t still inspire everyone, nor should you stop trying, but maybe there is away you don’t have to go it alone.

Either way, know you inspired me. At least inspired me to curse you the next time I want to take a leisure bath, and when I have moments where I realize I’m either lucky or cursed to be able to see my own impacts.

Be well.

I was very happy to receive this email from him. And I have decided that I will keep being the extreme guy that I am. To all of you out there who are trying to affect positive social and environmental change I encourage you to try harder than ever before. Give it your all! Lead by example and live it out loud! We’ve only got this one Earth and we need to do something drastic now if we’re going to make it!

Enjoy it, love life, and be passionate!



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