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12 The Soap Dispensary- Zero Waste Shop in Vancouver
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The average American generates 4.5 pounds of trash per day, much of which is packaging. The Soap dispensary in Vancouver offers a way to shop package free. They first opened their doors in 2011, offering zero-waste household solutions with a variety of soaps, cleaners, and bathroom products.

They serve over 200 types of package-free food like cheese, butter, yoghurt, and tofu. You can even fill up your almond milk! There’s over 25 sauces, oils, and vinegar on tap, and a selection of healthy chips, dips, and dumplings.
The friendly staff will take care of your needs, and if you don’t have your own containers, you can pick some up in store. Owner Linh selects natural and organic products, sourced locally to support the community.
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