Summer Rayne Oakes’ Urban Jungle Apartment

4 Summer Rayne Oakes' Urban Jungle Apartment
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Meet Summer Rayne Oakes. She has over 600 plants in her Brooklyn apartment and a rescued foster chicken! She started with one plant 7 years ago and now has created an urban jungle in her own apartment.

It can be hard to find peace in a big city but houseplants create a more peaceful, healthy environment, purify the air in the apartment, and bring nature indoors! Now that she is outgrowing her apartment, she joined a community garden where she can grow food. She wants to help people to live more sustainably and healthy, and does this through her YouTube Channel, Homestead Brooklyn, and her new book SugarDetoxMe. Summer Rayne is proof that we can all do something big even with very little space!
To learn more about Summer, visit her Website and follow her on FacebookInstagramTwitterPintrestYoutube, or Vimeo.

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