What’s in Your Condoms?

What's in Your Condoms? Sustain Condoms
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What’s in your condom? That’s a question Meika Hollender wants you to ask yourself. Most condoms contain harmful ingredients including Nitrosamine, a carcinogen. The condom companies don’t want you to know this, so they don’t put it on the labels and make the ingredients hard to find.

Meika wanted to provide a safe alternative, so she created Sustain: Vagina friendly condoms. No harmful chemicals, fair trade, animal-cruelty-free, vegan, and non-GMO. All ingredients are on the label, plus 10% of profits go to supporting women’s reproductive health. Vaginas are the most absorbent part of the body. We care about what’s in our food, why wouldn’t we care what’s in our condoms? Share if you think healthy sex is important.
If you want to learn more about Sustain Natural, visit their Website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pintrest.

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