The Black Feminist Project: Where Radical Joy and Resistance Meet

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“The Black Feminist Project enriches the lives of, restores agency, justice, joy, and health to Black Women, girls, and non-men, often referred to as marginalized genders, or MaGes, and the children they care for – with an emphasis on mother-led families. The nonprofit organization crafts accessible, multigenerational, radical, women-led programs void of jargon that engage the folks who are most impacted by racist and sexist policies and cultural norms.” “Black Joy Farm is the result of a 7-year community led campaign to create a radical food growing green space in the South Bronx. We have solidified the space as a safe, healthy, bold space where MaGes are nurtured to be their full selves, un-policed and judgement free. “Inspired by her experiences as a single working mother living in a marginalized community, Tanya Denise Fields founded the Black Feminist Project in 2009 as a response to sexist institutional policies, structurally reinforced cycles of poverty, and harsh inequities in wealth and access to capital that result in far too many women being unable to rise out of poverty and sustain their families.”

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