Buying Backyard Veggies From your Neighbor

Buying Backyard Veggies From your Neighbor
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How many miles did your meal travel from the farm to your plate? Chances are, too many! Vinder is an online community marketplace where you can buy and sell fresh produce straight from your neighbors. “It allows you to know who is growing your food and how it’s being grown and where it’s being grown.”

Home gardeners often have an abundance of produce that’s left to rot on the ground. Vinder is making fresh produce more accessible and helping reduce food waste. “Our mission is to help build stronger, healthier communities, while creating a transparent and eco-friendly agricultural system.” The local food movement is spreading across the USA “This is as local as it gets and the money stays within your community.” Share if you love eating locally grown food!
To learn about Vinder, visit their Website.

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